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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Books I'm Closing Out the Year With!

The December choices to end 2016...
I know I like to be a random reader depending on my mood but I lucked into some great books-- by visiting more than one of my county libraries nearby with only one that I had to reserve-- so I have a great stack of books to choose from. You will recognize them as titles that have been recently recommended by some of you. I went in with a purpose and came out with an armful! Thank you all who gave me the heads-up on these. Not sure if I will read all, or even most of these; perhaps I'll find some of them to be put-asides for another month or maybe I'll get too distracted to read that much. But since I'm going to be busy this month (as most of us will be) I don't want to be scrambling for books to read. Staying true to my blog's new purpose, only 2 are very recent, from this year. I'll probably be posting less too. Now I'm set with my choices, and I can pick and choose from this list according to my mood. So this is how my year goes out, until I welcome 2017!

The library haul:

urban fantasy
historical romance
contemporary Scottish fiction/"chick-lit"
Sci-fi/urban fantasy
contemporary "women's" fiction
up to this one in series

My own & son's own:
contemporary fiction/small-town fiction

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

TTT- New to Me Authors

The Broke and the Bookish host a fun feature every week, Top Ten Tuesday. I love to read them all the time, but only participate sometimes, like this week, when it's easy to come up with a list.
Top Ten New to Me Authors in 2016

First, the list of ALL my new-to-me authors for 2016. 
Disclaimer: I'm missing a gap of my list from Feb.-May 2016 from when I lost my hard drive to a corrupt worm virus, so these 51 are from the other 8 months, almost a year. As you see, I like to venture into new territory- whether authors, publishers, or genres  :) Most of them came from Netgalley or the library, because while I love to take chances, I'm afraid of not getting my money's worth...

Mia March

Flynn Berry
Julia Buckley

Susan M. Boyer
Paula Hawkins
Denise Mina
Daryl Wood Gerber

Hannah Gersen
Ruth Ware
Gerry Schmitt
Clare Mackintosh
Neil Abramson

Karen E. Olson
Megan Miranda

Michael Ridpath
Jennifer David Hesse
Susanna Calkins
Imogen Robertson
Catherine Lloyd

Karen Odden
Anna Lee Huber
John A. Nagy
Mary Balogh
Christine Trent
Jane Jensen

Chip & Joanna Gaines
Graham Moore
Catriona King
Emily Littlejohn
Suzanne Chazin
Rochelle B. Weinstein
Deborah Swift
Rosamund Lupton
Lisa Lutz
Melissa Hill

Krista Davis
Linda Huber
Karma Brown 
Michael Schofield
James Guiliani
Sue Klebold
Kate Ellis
Jeff Hobbs
Jenna Miscavige Hill

Wes Moore
Leah Remini
Susannah Cahalan
Bryan Stevenson

Ruth Wariner
Sarah Barthel
Bee Ridgway

Now for my favorites from the above list. Narrow down to 10, hmmm...

  1. Ruth Ware
  2. Clare Mackintosh
  3. Karen O. Olson
  4. Imogen Robertson
  5. Catherine Lloyd
  6. Anna Lee Huber
  7. Jane Jensen
  8. Krista Davis
  9. Linda Huber
  10. Bee Ridgway

honorable mentions: authors who wrote one-shot (nonfiction) books-- meaning I greatly enjoyed one book by them but probably wouldn't read another book:

  1. Leah Remini
  2. Sue Klebold
  3. Bryan Stevenson